Wireless temperature and humidity recorder.



Wireless operation with sensors.

MIKSTER engineers analysed every component of the recorder to make Loggicar-R a smaller, lighter and even more mobile.
Loggicar-R was designed to monitor temperature and humidity in refrigerated trucks.
It can be wirelessly connected to four temperature and humidity sensors (e.g. refrigerated storage,
evaporator air inlet and outlet, product temperature) and 4 binary signals (side and back door opening, defrosting,
refrigerating unit operation). The device provides full control over the refrigerated truck.


5 minutes!

That’s how long it takes to install Loggicar-R in your truck. The standard installation time for the wholesystem usually
takes less than 5 minutes! The whole installation procedure requires placing the sensors in the storage and switching
on Loggicar-R. In order to add a sensor, select it from the list of sensors within the wireless range of Loggicar-R and enjoy
a continuous operation of the unit. Isn’t that easy!


Quick printing of delivery reports.

Loggicar-R is equipped with a built-in report printer. This allows quick printing of temperature reports for the recipient
or veterinarian services checking the correct transport conditions during a roadside inspection (“old EU” countries).
Printing paper is the only operational cost generated by the recorder.
The built-in LCD screen provides easy operation and local display of measurements.


Battery power supply.


Now you can keep recording for 24 hours without an external power source! When you make a stop during the delivery, you can switch off the engine.
Loggicar-R will keep recording due to the built-in battery with high capacity


Quick and efficient report analysis.

We made sure that the software used by Loggicar-R is intuitive. Loggisoft LC allows the display of current temperature values,
browsing and printing of recorded data as well as putting a header and footer parts on the printout.




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Loggicar R


A radio recorder intended for monitoring
temperature in refrigerator trucks.
Communication between the recorder and sensors
via radio waves.

Loggicar C


A wired recorded intended for monitoring
temperature in refrigerator trucks.
Can be connected with wires
to 4 temperature-and-humidity sensors.

Loggicar Standard


A wired recorder intended for monitoring
temperature in refrigerator trucks.
Can be connected with wires
to temperature-and-humidity sensors.