Monitoring and replaceable sensors

Netino Pharm NX

The use of replaceable sensors in the measurement base is a state-of-the-art approach to monitoring key parameters such as temperature and humidity. The Netino PHARM NX system is a solution for medical facilities in accordance with applicable laws.

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Transport under control


System for controlling and monitoring measurements during transport. Loggicar means full supervision of cold stores. Wireless communication, capacious memory, Bluetooth. Wherever food transport requires the best control.

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Mapping parameters in rooms and devices


Tailor your environment to your individual needs by assessing temperature and humidity at critical points. Control of climatic parameters during production, transport or storage. Quality guarantee for every industry.

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Multi-bar temperature measurement system


A unique solution that meets stringent regulations regarding the measurement of critical temperature points during thermal processing of food products. Modern technology guarantees the production of top-class meat.

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Get to know our software


To expand the fields of use for our products, Mikster specialists create software dedicated to them. User-friendly, intuitive and modern, supporting product management. We adapt to the requirements and specificity of our clients' industries.

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Precision, experience and new technologies


Over 30 years of experience. Trust of Polish and foreign partners. Reliable recorders and drivers.

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Get to know the industries for which we implement our solutions

In production, in transport, in warehouses - Mikster means quality, control and safety in every place and in all conditions.

MIKSTER is the largest Polish manufacturer of digital recorders, humidity sensors and programmable controllers.
We are constantly developing our technology to meet the high demands of our customers.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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