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and LOGGINET system

We have created a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use,
LOGGINET measurements system. The accompanying computer software - LOGGISOFT - allows for intuitive access to the collected data.

Why you should choose MIKSTER?

We started as a manufacturer of microprocessor controllers used in the meat industry. Today we are the biggest manufacturer of such devices. With the development of the company, it was time to refine the technology and launch new products.

Thanks to the expanded design and implementation department, we can now constantly improve our temperature monitoring products and adapt them to even the most demanding customer requirements.

25th Anniversary

Industrial Technology
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We continually develop new technologies

We continually develop new technologies

We are constantly developing our products and services in the field of industrial security systems. This practice gave us the position of the industry leader.

We know your business needs

We know your business needs

We work with the best companies in the industry, delivering solutions that effectively meet the needs of transport monitoring.

We bring long-term saving

We bring long-term saving

Advanced solutions for our digital recorders, detectors and controllers will help you optimize your operating costs.

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