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We started our business in 1992, offering microprocessor controllers of our own production, used in the meat industry. Today, we are one of the largest manufacturers of devices of this type, and as the company develops, it is time to improve the technology and introduce new products to the market.

We currently produce and sell digital recorders, humidity sensors, programmable controllers and pharmacy measurement kits. We provide design, assembly and execution services in the field of electronics, automation and visualization and control systems for industrial processes.

  • Marek Kapkowski

    Marek Kapkowski

    Chairman of the Board

  • Zbigniew Ponitka

    Zbigniew Ponitka

    Vice President

  • Paul Rams

    Paul Rams

    Commercial Director

Polish technology, EU standards, international recognition

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.
  • We develop
    new technologies

    We improve the production of devices and services in the field of industrial process control systems. This makes us an industry leader.

  • We create
    to order

    We design, produce and program electronic devices. Upon customer request, effectively tailored to the specificity of the industry.

  • We bring long-term savings

    Advanced solutions used in our digital recorders, sensors and controllers will allow you to optimize your operating costs.

  • We have international reach and experience

    Our satisfied customers include the best Polish companies and foreign partners.

  • Monitoring in production, transport and warehouse

    We control the operation of industrial equipment at every stage and in all conditions. Quick access to data. Guaranteed reliability.

  • We have innovative production facilities

    Designing new technologies requires modern infrastructure. Focusing on quality - we develop our laboratories and engineering staff.

Over 500 measurement points around the world!