An example of the most common configuration in pharmacies.
Depending on actual needs, elements are added or removed from the system.



The best solution for pharmacies, hospitals and clinics


Netino PHARM  NX is a pharmacy set for measuring basic values ​​(temperature and humidity) necessary for the proper preparation and storage of medicines and other pharmaceutical products.

The use of replaceable sensors in the measurement base significantly simplifies the procedure and reduces the cost of preparing sensors for calibration renewal.

Temperature and humidity monitoring system Netino PHARM NX is a guarantee of precise measurements and safety.

  • Netino PHARM NX

    Automatic alerts

  • Netino PHARM NX

    SMS and email notifications

  • Netino PHARM NX

    Calibration certificate

  • Netino PHARM NX

    Cloud software

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    Data archivization

  • Netino PHARM NX


LOG-X cloud software


Log-X-Cloud was designed for safe storage of measurement data recorded, among others, by the system Netino PHARM.

Taking into account the highest level of security in terms of data storage and access, the application environment Log-X-Cloud and databases are hosted by AWS servers. Amazon Web Services is one of the best server service providers in the world.

Many years of experience in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries have allowed us to develop a measurement cloud that meets all validation requirements. This has been confirmed by both internal tests and validations carried out by external companies for customers.


Functional features:

  • data storage on AWS servers for at least 5 years,
  • cyclical data backup once a day,
  • backup buffer every 7 days,
  • access control, multi-level authorization system,
  • visualization of measurements in real time,
  • ability to create views with graphic backgrounds,
  • quick analysis of data in the form of charts and tables,
  • SMS and email alarm notification system,
  • creating alarm groups,
  • registration of events and modifications of Audit Trial parameters,
  • professional PDF, CSV reporting system,
  • easy intuitive operation,
  • ability to use any web browser (preferred Chrome),
  • low hardware requirements on the user's computer,
  • the system has been validated to control the correct storage of medicinal products.

Alarm notifications

  • Quick analysis of data in the form of charts and tables
  • SMS and e-mail alarm notification system
  • Creating alarm groups

Professional report compliant with FDA standards

  • Full identification of the report along with collective information on exceedances
  • Identification of measurement channels
  • Exceedance report
  • Tabular summary of registrations, highlighting incorrect values
  • Professional PDF, CSV reporting system
  • Graphical presentation of registration
  • Visualization of exceedances

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