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Temperature and humidity monitoring system Netino PHARM is a guarantee of precise measurements and safety in places where medicines and vaccines are stored.

Wherever the right microclimate is crucial for quality and effectiveness - choose Netino PHARM.

A large selection of Netino sensors allows them to be adapted to any type of room. We configure devices according to customer needs.

Selected system functions

  • Netino PHARM+

    Measurement of temperature and humidity of pharmaceutical products in rooms

  • Netino PHARM+

    Measurement of temperature and humidity of pharmaceutical products in refrigerators

  • Netino PHARM+

    Alarm system

  • Netino PHARM+

    Data archivization

Principle of operation

Measurement recording systems

Measurement recording systems

Alarm notifications

  • Quick analysis of data in the form of charts and tables
  • SMS and e-mail alarm notification system
  • Creating alarm groups

XNUMX/XNUMX temperature and humidity monitoring

Mask Group 3683
  • mobile sensors
  • SMS alarms about power failure
  • SMS alarms about exceeding the permissible temperature or humidity
  • SMS notification system based on the proprietary Cloud Software LOG-X software
  • internal battery
  • radio transmission range from sensors greater than BlueTooth technology
  • capacious data memory of the recorder (over 200 days!)
  • recording frequency every 1 minute

Netino Soft software


Netino SOFT – software for monitoring temperature and humidity in rooms and devices.
Advanced software designed for computers with the WINDOWS operating system.

Functional features:

  • Signaling of alarm states,
  • visualization of measurements in real time,
  • backup buffer every 7 days,
  • analysis of measurement data in the form of charts and tables,
  • generating reports and printouts,
  • configuration of Netino SOFT system devices.

Do you already know the new Netino-NX?

Netino PHARM meets the criteria for supervision and control of storage conditions of pharmaceutical products specified in the regulation of the Minister of Health.

Possibility to order a calibration certificate for measuring devices at the customer's request.

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