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  • Required operating system:
    Windows XP, 7, 8 lub 10

CLOUD SOFTWARE LOG-X - measurement recording tool

Software for reading and analysis of data from the LOGGINET system allows monitoring the current measurement values, viewing the records in the table format and on a diagram, multi-station access to the recorded data, notification of the system status and possibility of any setting of sensors on virtual panels.



Product features

  • software for recording measurements
  • data reading and analysis
  • monitoring and reporting of current measurement value



Report module

This module gives you access to extremely important functionalities related to the examination of received data. You get access to diagrams, lists and other tools that allow you to view previously recorded data from your sensors, and print them directly into a PDF file.
The module has an additional functionality: calibration that allows you to compare and analyse data from standard sensors to other sensors.


Basic alarm module

This module will notify you via e-mail or text when alarm values are exceeded. Just enter your e-mail address and telephone number to notifications and set the thresholds for selected sensors.


Extended alarm module

The module extends the alarm possibilities. You will be able to define the often-used alarm groups for different sensors and even channels. The module allows delaying the alarms for higher administration alarms.
Note! The basic alarm module is not required for the extended module. The functionalities of the extended module fully overwrite the basic module.


Multi-user module

This module allows you to expand the organization for new users. Just register a new user directly from the panel. The users can obtain relevant roles to match their profile to the application usefulness.


Panel edit module

This module allows you to add new screens and new sensors on them to manage your organization more efficiently. The owners of multi-user modules can add groups of panels and make them available to selected users.


CLOUD SOFTWARE LOG-X is compatible with:

  • Logginet WS
  • Logginet Clip
  • Logginet Standard