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Loggisoft MS – Registration of temperature and humidity in transport

  • Required operating system
    Widows XP, 7, 8 lub 10

Loggisoft MS software allows you to read current temperature values from car refrigerators, view and print saved data. You have possibility to set the Loggicar setup value.

Software features:
  • Monitoring of current measured values in car coolers
  • Review of registration in tabular and graphical form
  • Printing of registered values (in tabular and graphic form)
  • Works in a computer network
  • Multi-user access to recorded data
  • System status notification (alarms, lack of response)

Download Loggisoft software
Select the software version

Loggisoft MS - Full

  • Widows XP, 7, 8 lub 10
  • 3.5
<h2>Loggisoft MS - Full</h2>

Loggisoft MS - DEMO

  • Widows XP, 7, 8 lub 10
  • 3.5
<h2>Loggisoft MS - DEMO</h2>

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