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MPC System – Temperature recording, radio recording of measurements

  • Required operating system
    Widows XP, 7, 8 lub 10

To manage registered process data, we propose MPC SYSTEM software.

The system operator has the ability to remotely view the current temperature values in the chambers (and other metering). The software can also display the thermal processing logs, print them, and archive them on the local hard drive.

The ID code database introduced in the software, allows you to display the product names associated with specific processes. This makes the system even more user-friendly for the operator.

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MPC4 System

  • Widows XP, 7, 8 lub 10
  • 4.905
<h2>MPC4 System</h2>
  • Process search engine based on calendar entries
  • Device status monitoring allows you to check:
    - what processes are running on the drivers
    - values of set and read parameters
    - what devices are supported by the driver
  • Read the registration from the drivers
  • Overview of registration from the drivers in tabular and graphical form
  • Registration printouts (tabular and graph)
  • Integrated tools for configuring technological processes
  • A mechanism for quickly assessing the correctness of a process based on the estimated and actual process time

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