Temperature and humidity measurement systems in the pharmaceutical industry

The rules and standards related to the storage and production of pharmaceutical products are subject to many strict regulations. The rooms should be dry, properly ventilated, and pharmaceutical products need protection against exposure to sunlight. The acceptable level of temperature and humidity is crucial to maintaining the full quality of medicines and vaccines. Improper storage may impair the performance of products and pose a threat to the health of humans and animals.

One of the key aspects of maintaining safety rules is the pharmacy equipment monitor system, ensuring that the standards are not exceeded.

As a company that has been in business for over 30 years humidity and temperature measurements we have also improved mapping processes, i.e. recording key parameters at many critical points. This is the best way to ensure the quality of measurements and meet legal requirements. Thanks to the latest technology, we guarantee safe storage of medicines and minimize costs and losses.

Mikster controllers for pharmacy provide:

  • measurement accuracy,
  • alerting about exceeding standards,
  • data visualization and archiving,
  • comprehensive supervision over product storage,
  • security in accordance with legal requirements,
  • measurement accuracy thanks to room mapping,
  • mapping the temperature and humidity of rooms/devices (this process allows meeting the necessary conditions required by industries in which constant supervision and determining the distribution of climatic parameters are necessary).


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Benefits of implementing our solutions:

  • cost optimization,
  • precise assessment of temperature and humidity,
  • drug storage control,
  • control of storage and production of pharmaceutical products,
  • monitoring and signaling of alarm states,
  • cloud solutions,
  • compatible software,
  • intuitive operation.

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