INDU iMAX 500 MAS controller

INDU iMAX operator panels

Controller INDU iMAX 500 MAS - intended for automatic control of the massaging process in vacuum tumblers.

A compact All-in-One device that integrates the following functions:

– controller,

– touchscreen operator panel extended with communication options,

– with built-in support for input and output signals,

These controllers are used in industrial process control applications where it is necessary to control parameters such as:

– temperature,

- pressure,

– vacuum,

– humidity,

- Libra


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  • Tumblers
  • Ripening chambers
  • Smoking and cooking chambers
  • Climatic chambers

Product features

INDU iMAX 500 MAS controller

Product Features:

  • industrial structure with increased resistance to external conditions and mechanical damage
  • possibility of installation in "blind" holes (from the front)
  • 5" industrial touch panel with high resolution
  • internal data recording memory
  • ready-made solution without the need to create firmware
  • work in the MPC4 data registration system