INDU iMAX 700 controller

INDU iMAX operator panels


Controller UNDUE iMAX 700 – designed to control smoking chambers.

A compact All-in-One device that integrates the following functions:

– controller,

– touchscreen operator panel extended with communication options,

– with built-in support for input and output signals,

Used in industrial process control applications where temperature is of the greatest importance:

– ripening chambers,

– climatic chambers,

– defrosting chambers,

– smoking and cooking chambers,

– boilers and steamers.

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  • Ripening chambers
  • Smoking and cooking chambers
  • Climatic chambers
  • Defrosting chambers
  • Boilers and steamers

Product features

INDU iMAX 700 controller

Product Features:

  • use in industrial process control applications
  • industrial structure with increased resistance to external conditions

Controlling smoking chambers is the basic task for which this controller was created, which is reflected in the type of data presented, the way the controller works, etc.