Loggicar BT Transport Recorder

Loggicar-BT – intended for monitoring temperature and humidity in refrigerated trucks.


The recorder has:

– 4 measurement channels (to which sensors can be connected to measure temperature or temperature and humidity),

– 4 digital channels (for connecting door opening/closing control sensors).

The device communicates with the sensors wirelessly via radio, ensuring full supervision of the vehicle's refrigerated compartment.


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  • Refrigerated trucks

Product features

Loggicar BT Transport Recorder

Loggicar BT transport recorder – designed to monitor the temperature and humidity of products transported in refrigerated trucks.

Product Features:

  • 4 measurement channels
  • 4 digital channels
  • communication with sensors wirelessly
  • the recorder's memory (non-volatile) allows for storing approx. 32000 measurements
  • when the memory is full, the oldest samples are deleted and new ones are added (overwritten)
  • the contents of the recorder's memory (for archiving purposes) can be transferred to a computer using the Loggisoft LC program (option) or with the Loggicar BT application on a smartphone, using the Bluetooth module for communication
  • a built-in graphic display (OLED) enables local visualization of measurements and facilitates operation of the device
  • possibility of sending the report via e-mail as a PDF file
  • Possibility to connect to a smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • the recorder software allows programming alarm thresholds (lower/upper threshold), exceeding which is signaled by a flashing display and shown on a printed report