Software MPC4 – designed to manage recorded process data.
The system operator can remotely view the current temperature values ​​in the chambers (and other measurements), view records of thermal treatment processes, print and archive them on the hard drive.
The identifier code base introduced in the program allows you to display the correct product names in connection with specific processes.


  • Recording of measurements
  • Control
  • Measurement of temperature and humidity of pharmaceutical products

Product features


  • Calendar-based process search engine.
  • Device health monitoring to check:
    – what processes are running on the drivers,
    – values ​​of set and read parameters,
    – what devices are enabled by the controller.
  • Reading registration from controllers.
  • Overview of registrations from controllers in tabular and graphical form.
  • Registration printouts (tabular and chart).
  • Integrated tools for configuring technological processes.
  • A mechanism for quick assessment of process correctness based on estimated and actual process time.