NETINO PHARM NXT-01 Temperature Sensor

Netino PHARM NXT-01 temperature sensor– element of the NETINO PHARM NX registration system – a pharmacy set for measuring basic values ​​(temperature and humidity) necessary for the proper preparation and storage of medicines and other pharmaceutical products.

The sensor has one temperature measurement channel with a cable probe in a plastic cover.

The sensor has been designed taking into account the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. For better coordination, it has a tag with identification of the calibration date.

The Netino PHARM system is characterized by innovative solutions. The use of replaceable sensors in the measurement base significantly simplifies the procedure and reduces the cost of preparing sensors for calibration renewal.

For the duration of the procedure, another sensor with a valid certificate is placed in place of the removed sensor. This results in continuity of recorded data without the need for new system configuration due to sensor replacement.

Thanks to the significantly lower price of the sensor, the costs of replacement sensors, which the user can purchase or rent from the system supplier, have been reduced.

Netino system sensors are equipped with a tag with an identification number and calibration date, which facilitates supervision over calibration dates.

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  • Pharmacies
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Measurement of temperature and humidity of pharmaceutical products

Product features

NETINO PHARM NXT-01 Temperature Sensor


  • calibration certificate issued by an accredited laboratory
  • 1x digital sensor in a stainless steel cover
  • possibility of calibration without disassembling the recorder
  • measuring range: -30 °C to +70 °C
  • possibility of purchasing or renting additional sensors from the system supplier
  • the sensor meets the supervision and control criteria (specified in the Act)
  • reduction of operating costs

Netino Pharm NXT temperature sensor options:

  • Netino Pharm NXT-01 – accuracy 0,5°C
  • Netino Pharm NXT-02 – accuracy 0,3°C
  • Netino Pharm NXT-03 – accuracy 0,1°C
  • Netino Pharm NXT-01-K2,5 – accuracy 0,5°C
  • Netino Pharm NXT-02-K2,5 – accuracy 0,3°C
  • Netino Pharm NXT-03-K2,5 – accuracy 0,1°C
  • Netino Pharm NXT-01-2K2,5 – accuracy 0,5°C
  • Netino Pharm NXT-02-2K2,5 – accuracy 0,3°C
  • Netino Pharm NXT-03-2K2,5 – accuracy 0,1°C



  • easy sensor replacement without reconfiguration
  • K2.5 – sensor with probe on a 2,5 m cable
  • 2K2.5 – sensor with two probes on cables, each cable 2,5 m long