Netino NRU-20 PHARM+ recorder

Netino PHARM a system for measuring temperature and humidity in places where medicines and vaccines are stored. Recorder  Netino NRU-20 Pharm - Main element of the Netino PHARM registration system.


– radio reading of measurements from Netino PHARM system sensors,

– temperature control and registration of medicines, vaccines,

– control and alarm about power failure of refrigerators

Designed taking into account the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Pharmacies
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Measurement of temperature and humidity of pharmaceutical products
  • Temperature recording

Product features

Netino NRU-20 PHARM+ recorder

Netino-PHARM – an ideal solution for pharmacies, health clinics and hospitals

  • wireless reading of data from measurement sensors
  • SMS alarms about power failure (option possible without a GSM subscription)
  • SMS alarms about exceeding the permissible temperature or humidity (option possible without a GSM subscription)
  • autonomous operation without the need to have a GSM telephone
  • internal battery protecting SMS sending in the event of a power outage
  • large range of radio transmission from sensors, greater than BlueTooth technology
  • large data memory capacity of the recorder (over 200 days!)