Logilogger 03 three-channel temperature recorder

Logilogger-03 – three-channel recorder designed to monitor temperature and humidity.
Adapted to work with a computer via a USB port. CLIP type sensors used
enable recording temperature and humidity at considerable distances, up to 200 m from the recorder.
The built-in real-time clock and a large amount of memory make the operation of the recording system independent of the operation of a PC computer.

The recorder cooperates with the LOGGISOFT LT computer program for data visualization and archiving. The free version of the program is available on the Mikster website.

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  • Temperature and humidity control system

Product features

Logilogger 03 three-channel temperature recorder

Product Features:

  • measurement channels: 3 (for Logilogger and Clip sensors,
    each channel enables temperature or temperature and humidity measurement)
  • memory: 3456 samples reserved for each of the measured values
  • power supply: USB or DC 7.5V ±5%,0.5W
  • operating temperature and humidity: -20.. 50°C, 10.. 80% RH
  • dimensions: 76mm x 59mm x 28mm
  • data transmission: USB (virtual serial port)