PT-100 temperature sensor, type PLK, paired

PLK sensors selected in measurement pairs, are used to measure temperature and humidity using the wet-dry method, sensor made in the form of a metal tube with a threaded connection, silicone cable, 2 m long.
Sensor PLK single one is only for temperature measurement.

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Product features

PT-100 temperature sensor, type PLK, paired

Product Features:

  • probe type: PT100, 3-wire
  • accuracy class: B
  • mounting stub: K7u (13 mm hexagon, M10x1 thread)
  • cover material: stainless steel 1.4301
  • evaporation accuracy: maximum deviation between paired sensors 0,1°C in the temperature range 0÷180°C
  • options: other versions on request, e.g. type, length, cable material