INDU 30 controller

Industrial microprocessor devices


Controller INDU-30, used in systems requiring control based on process time counting and regulation and control of parameters such as temperature and humidity.

It enables the use of various types of temperature measurement (digital sensors, current transducers, psychometric measurement) and humidity (current transducer, digital sensors) and equips the controller with two control inputs that can signal alarm states.

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  • Drying chambers
  • Temperature and humidity control system
  • Climatic chambers

Product features

INDU 30 controller

Product Features:

  • industrial structure with increased resistance to external conditions and mechanical damage
  • possibility of installation in "blind" holes (from the front)
  • very small installation depth
  • standard installation dimension 96×96 mm
  • click keys
  • clear LED displays
  • ready-made solution without the need to create firmware