MCC 100 controller

MCC 100 microprocessor controller – intended for automatic control of smoking and cooking chambers, maturing and climatic chambers in the meat industry. The controller is also used to operate other industrial devices that require programmatic operation and measurement of physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, etc.

Thermal processing of food in smoking and cooking chambers requires the use of reliable measuring devices.

To extract the full flavor of smoked products, it is necessary to use microprocessor devices, such as MCC 100 controller – designed to work in the harshest environmental conditions.


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  • Smoking chambers
  • Ripening chambers
  • Smoking and cooking chambers
  • Climatic chambers

Product features

MCC 100 controller

Product Features:

  • industrial structure with increased resistance to external conditions and mechanical damage
  • possibility of installation in "blind" holes (from the front)
  • very small installation depth
  • large service area
  • click keys
  • clear LED displays
  • internal non-volatile process data recording memory
  • work in the MPC4 system
  • ready-made solution without the need to create firmware