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Measurement Recording System Logginet

LOGGINET- WS sensors, an innovative solution in the surveillance systems. They find application mainly as a measurement recording system in food storage sites where it is necessary to measure and record parameters such as temperature and humidity.


  • adapted to work in harsh conditions
  • hybrid measurement system (cable plus radio)
  • work in the LOG-X Cloud


The radio transmission of measured and recorded parameters allowed eliminating the expensive system cabling.

Absence of cables allows the LOGGINET-WS system to be used in the existing sites such as supermarkets with refrigeration counters, refrigeration chambers, etc.

The compatibility of the LOGGINET and LOGGINET-WS systems allows you to combine the radio and cable systems, thus making a system resistant to local data transmission conditions.

The LOGGISOFT environment integrates all LOGGINET system components. The software allows reading the current temperature values, viewing and printing recorded data. The LOGGISOFT PRO version allows you to work in the computer network and multi-station access to the recorded data.




  • Radio temperature sensor WSTD-800-01-PT
  • Radio temperature sensor WSTD-800-01-DS / K1,5
  • Radio temperature sensor WSTD-800-01-DS
  • Radio temperature and humidity sensor WSTHD-800-01-DS
  • Radio temperature and humidity sensor WSTHD-800-01-DS / K2,5
  • Radio temperature and humidity sensor WSTHD-800-01-DS / K5