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  • Required operating system
    Widows XP, 7, 8 lub 10

Netino SOFT is advanced software designed for computers with WINDOWS operating system.

Software features:
  • signalling of alarm states
  • visualisation of measurements in real time
  • analysis of measurement data in the form of graphs and tables
  • data archiving according to GIF regulations
  • generation of reports and printouts
  • configuration of the NETINO-PHARM system devices

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Netino SOFT

  • Widows XP, 7, 8 lub 10
  • 2.96
<h2>Netino SOFT</h2>
  • Monitoring of current measured values
  • Review of registration in tabular and graphical form
  • Registration printouts (tabular and graph)
  • Works in a computer network
  • Multi-user access to recorded data
  • System status notification (alarms, lack of response)
  • Ability to set sensors on 5 virtual desktops with option to set any desktop background