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NTS-R-01 radio temperature recorder

NTS-R-01 sensor allows for uninterrupted recording of temperature every 136 hours, with recording frequency every minute. It is possible to read the sensor recording using  NRU-01 radio recording unit
connected to  computer with installed "NETINO” software. An embedded LCD makes it easy to operate the device and allows local visualisation of measurements.

Its use is recommended wherever making wireless systems is difficult or not recommended or if there are no difficult environmental conditions (high humidity/dusting), e.g. pharmacy, office and archives.

Technical specifications

Power supply

  • 3.6V lithium battery

Battery life

  • At least 2 years

Working conditions for the housing

  • -20°C .. +85°C
  • Humidity: 0..75%

Storage conditions

  • Temperature: -30oC..85oC
  • Humidity: 0..75%

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

  • Resistance acc. to

Data transmission,
working frequency

  • 868.4 MHz

Temperature measurement range

  • -30oC..85oC

Measurement accuracy for the temperature range

  • ±0.5oC (-10°C .. +85°C)
  • ±2 oC (-30°C .. -10°C)

Internal memory


Internal measurement buffer

  • 136 hours (recording every minute)

Outer dimensions

  • Housing: 71x71x21mm  (l x h x w)
  • Aerial: : 65mm


  • 75g

Housing - material

  • ABS

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